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Minimalism at its finest. Au Lait combines the perfect amount of white space and imagery to create a ethereal experience.

A design with all you need to blow minds and the unique ability to expand and grow as you do. Make it your own and customize it to the nines. It's sitting here, ready to work for you so you can get back to doing the thing you really love. 


customizable website design

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As you grow what you need from your website changes. We get that. Today you are booking clients, tomorrow you are booking speaking dates. Your website needs to be as flexible and growth ready as you are. We built these designs with your growth in mind. So whether it's building your email list or custom presets that you need to add to your shop, we’ve got you covered with our Extra Shots.

website add-ons for every stage of growth

extra shots

Sell your totally awesome products with a cohesive online shop and support growth in your tribe with your knowledge and expertise.

Expand your business by offering education. Display it proudly with a cohesive education page designed to convert.

Send your inquiries a gorgeous and informative digital pricing guide with your introductory email...blow minds.

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Wordpress Blog


Add some intrigue by customizing your blog with strategic organization and making it work better for you and your tribe.

homepage blog features

Don't leave your readers high and dry when they land on a missing page. A stylish design will redirect their eyes and keep them around.

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Build your email list as you prepare for launch. Growing the excitement in your audience is key for a strong launch!



We'll send you our launch strategy guide to equip you for a launch that goes off without a hitch. Best of all, our partnership with Showit allows us to be in constant communication, ensuring a seamless and fast launch. We'll be here, in your corner, rooting you on the whole time.



Once we hit your start date, we'll get to work on our end, decking out your site to the nines. By day two, you'll receive your first preview of the site and believe us, you are going to be stoked.



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Leave the heavy lifting to us. We will take your content and images and customize any of our designs so you don't have to. I mean, seriously, you have more epic things to do than design a website...

DESIGN installation
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We get it. You have a website, it "works" and you'd rather not invest the time or money right now, especially since it wasn't in the plans for the foreseeable future. Totally understandable. Here's the thing -- we want you to know how serious we are about making the industry better. Enter our free design, a behind the scenes look at our design skills. You can see for yourself if the time, money and challenge will be worth it.

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