You'll be set up with video tutorials that show you how to customize your site, not someone else's. We've got your back.

website video tutorials

Once we start your project, we'll have this ready for launch in a week's time. No waiting around for forever...

7 days // start to launch

We'll customize up to 6 pages in your design, doing the heavy lifting of the design process.

6 Pages customization

Our tried and true method to honing in on your narrative and creating compelling copy that tells a solid story.

Narrative + Content Guides

what's included


Photography is your jam and we 100% get it! You want to be there, doing your thing and loving life -- designing a website isn't exactly high on the priority list. We're here to do it for you, so you can focus in on growing.

refinery design

the Assignment

project details

We don't want you to be alone in this, so we're bringing in the big guns and giving you our tried and true method for honing in on your why and creating strategic content that will be yours. Complete these guides and send over the final document. If you need our expert storyteller (aka. James) to help you solidify your narrative, he's always up for the challenge. You can book a hangout with him here.

complete Content guides


Choose from one of our bangin' awesome designs, Squarespace or Showit, and hit the buy button! By doing this, you'll have access to all the videos for each design, so that when next year comes and you're growing beyond your wildest dreams, your website can grow with you.

purchase design


With your narrative and style in mind, curate a portfolio that represent both. If you're wanting to land some huge destination elopements, choose images that display that feel. Your images bring the readers in, your narrative makes them feel heard and understood.



You want your brand to not only appeal to that "victory client" but to also reflect who you are. Create a Pinterest board that brings both of those together in a beautiful harmony, from wardrobe to design styles. You want to look back at this board from time to time and say, "Oh yeah. That's all me."



the Process

We'll implement your established color palette and font styles, bringing your brand into this project making it uniquely yours. As always, you can keep what we've already done and call it yours too or you can add our Refined Style Kit to your project and we'll create a custom style guide for your brand.

brand aesthetic


Once your assignments are done, we'll set up a time to discuss and strategize. Our designer will review all of your work and come prepared with questions and a direction. This meeting is short and sweet but powerful and gives us everything we need to know to nail your project.

Meet with designer


We'll customize all the pages included in your design, bringing a complete, cohesive and bomb website that will take you places. After this process, you can direct people to your website with confidence.
Note: implementing Extra Shots are an additional charge.

Complete site design


We want to make sure we hit this out of the park and getting it just right out of the box is pretty important to us. When we start your project, we'll have a preview of the home page for you on day 1! Shoot us over approval and we'll move forward to final product!

Home page customization


We'll walk you through setting up your domain and blog transfer process prior to launch. When everything is in and ready to go, we'll take this baby live for the world to see!



This is for both of us. We want your website error free when we go to launch and this takes testing and retesting. Working through your design click by click, both you and us.



We wanted to make this as simple as possible! Simply contact us to tell us you're in and include the template of your choice and we'll get on writing up the contract. Once that's signed and after we shout out some celebratory remarks ("YESSSSSS!!!" "Oh yeah!" "Boom, baby!" "Booyah!!!!!"), we'll work on getting your assignments prepped and ready reflecting your start date. You'll receive an email outlining everything within 48 hours.


We'll take the template you love from our shop and make it yours. Your images, colors, graphics, fonts and content will be implemented into your new design, changing the overall aesthetic because your work is unique! One thing that will stay consistent is the layout. 

Feel free to shoot us an email if you have more specific questions,


No. The website template is not included. We wanted you to be able to take advantage of any discounts that may be running at a given time vs. charging you a set higher set price.


This project included up to 6 pages which typically includes the home page, about page, info page, blog page, and 2 other pages. Most of our clients choose to update the galleries on their own and have us work on the more time intensive pages.

We can definitely customize more pages for you for an additional fee.


All of your assignments need to be finished a week prior to start, images, copy, etc. Our content guides will help guide you through writing solid copy.

We'll also have our Strategy Session at some point during the week prior to start where we'll talk through your content and goals because this is just as important to us as it is to you!


Are we singing your song? Heck yeah! We're pumped and can't wait to see your order come through. So take the next step to get this ball rollin' and contact us to tell us you're in (!!!) and included with the design you want to make yours. We'll be contacting you within 48 hours to 1) exclaim our uncontainable excitement and 2) set you up with all you need to get started.
Ready to do this?!