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We understand. Options can be overwhelming! Think Cheesecake Factory vs. In-n-Out. We want to make this as simple as possible for you. We've taken and compared the key factors of a website platform and laid it out for you to decide. When push comes to shove, you have to do what works for you. Luckily, with us, you don't have to sacrifice pretty, strategy or quality. We've solidified them on both platforms, Showit + Squarespace. You're in good hands either way.

$26/monthly  |  $96 annually



$29/monthly  |  $288 annually


With Showit, you can drag-and-drop any element wherever you want it to be. Further the customization by changing fonts and colors to match your brand style. Pretty much unlimited.

Customize to the pixel

Make the design yours by customizing fonts, colors and layout. With Squarespace you are limited to working within modules but this only adds to the clean lines and minimalism.

customize to add your style

You know those times that the desktop design just doesn't look right on mobile? Ya, we get it. Showit allows you design your mobile site side-by-side, customizing anything and everything.

custom mobile design

Squarespace makes your mobile site fool proof with its built-in responsive design. No need to worry about what your mobile users will see, it'll be just as awesome with no extra work.


Showit isn't just a platform, it's a family. The support team at Showit are ready to help with a hug and knowledge. The response time isn't immediate but they always come through.

knowledgeable Support team

Working well into the night and need help? Squarespace support is a chat away and ready 24/7 with their around the clock team ready to guide you through your needs.

24/7 Support access

We all know Wordpress is the king of SEO and Showit utilizes Wordpress for its blog platform, meaning you have the power in your hands. Catch--it's SEO specific to your Wordpress blog.

SEO powerhouse of wordpress

With the basics available to you, you can produce a page 1 ranking with Squarespace, it just takes a little more elbow grease and content to push your website organically.

beginner Seo capabilities

While the capabilities of Showit are endless, most users have found there to be a learning curve.  Don't worry, we've got you covered with tutorials to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Platform Learning curve

The platform is pretty straightforward -- Pages, Design Styling and Blocks. Everything is laid out and labeled in a clear and intuitive way. And we've got your back with tutorials anyway!

intuitive design interface

Showit utilizes third-party integration for eCommerce solutions, Shopify, SendOwl, ThriveCart, etc. This works great if you are selling less than 20 products.

third-party ecommerce

Squarespace's ecommerce is fully integrated into the interface making it easy to manage hundreds of products and puts them as the front runner for entrepreneurs selling over 20 products.

built-in ecommerce

Start now and you'll be exploring before you know it with nothing holding you back for miles.




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